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Politician Nathan Petrelli tries to dismiss his recent self-propelled flight, and lies to his brother Peter about it. Policeman Matt Parkman uses his telepathic powers to find a girl named Molly Walker , whose parents have been recently murdered by a serial killer called Sylar. Peter begins to date Isaac's ex-girlfriend Simone.

Hiro returns to the present and seeks the help of his friend, Ando Masahashi , to save New York from the upcoming explosion. Mohinder, who has been working with his father's neighbor Eden, discovers that Sylar was connected to his father. Claire's classmate Brody attempts to rape her and accidentally kills her in the process. Matt is kidnapped by Claire's father and a Haitian. Hiro and Ando gamble in Vegas using Hiro's ability to freeze time, but are soon evicted from the hotel and assaulted by their opponents. Niki's alter ego Jessica has sex with Nathan to repay her debt to Linderman.

After she regenerates from her mortal injuries, Claire intentionally takes Brody for a car ride into a brick wall. A Hiro from the future—who can speak English fluently—appears to Peter. He instructs Peter to save a cheerleader in order to save the world.

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Niki has no memories of the night before. Claire tells her father about Brody and her father secretly instructs the Haitian to erase Brody's mind. Mohinder gives up searching for superhumans and returns to India. Hawkins —who can phase through solid objects—returns after breaking out of prison. He takes his son Micah Sanders from Niki, whom he thinks framed him for murder. Matt works with the FBI to identify Sylar. They interrogate Ted Sprague , who can emit radiation.

Parkman, by telepathy, accidentally finds out that his wife is cheating on him. Micah Sanders is revealed to have the power of technopathy. Hiro and Ando meet diner waitress Charlie Andrews , who can perfectly remember everything that she has learned. Charlie is killed by Sylar shortly afterwards, and Hiro goes back in time to save her. In India, a mysterious boy visits Mohinder in his dreams, causing him to consider resuming his father's research. With Isaac now in his custody, Bennet learns that Claire will soon be killed by Sylar.

Peter, despite warnings pointing to his death, rushes to the aid of the cheerleader, despite being convinced he is powerless alone. Claire's father forbids his daughter to go to Homecoming, fearing that she will be killed. Claire sneaks out, and is attacked by Sylar, but is rescued by Peter, who manages to hold him off before falling, dying and subsequently regenerating. Mohinder decides to continue his father's work.

Most of the events in this episode take place six months prior to the events in the previous episode. Hiro seeks to change Charlie's death by going back in time, but finds out that her death is inevitable—she has a blood clot in her brain. Suresh's father meets Gabriel Gray and runs some tests on him. Gabriel adopts the name of Sylar and kills people to take their abilities. Hiro returns to the present. When Matt tries to read Claire's mind he cannot because the Haitian is blocking his telepathy.

Later, Matt tries listening in on Bennet with the same results, but does hear one word: Unbeknownst to the investigators, Sylar has already been captured by Bennet. The Haitian is ordered by Bennet to erase memories from Claire, her mother, her brother, and one of her friends, pertaining to her regenerative abilities. The Haitian does not erase Claire's memory, instead swearing her to secrecy. Niki turns herself in to the police to protect DL and Micah from Jessica. After being released from custody, Peter collapses in front of the police station and experiences a vision suggesting he is the cause of the atomic explosion in New York.

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When trying to explain his vision to Nathan, he falls into a coma. Hiro goes on a quest to retrieve the sword of Feudal Japanese hero, Takezo Kensei, after meeting with Isaac and seeing his paintings. Peter has more visions of himself exploding and there is a man whom he does not know in his new visions. Peter later meets this man, who calls himself Claude Rains.

Claude can become invisible. Parkman and the FBI go to the Texan paper company where Bennet works with the hope of finding Sylar, but they cannot find him. Claude agrees to teach Peter how to control his powers. Matt's wife reveals that she is pregnant.

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Claire contacts her biological mother Meredith Gordon, who possesses pyrokinesis. Sylar escapes from Bennet's captivity. Claude is convinced that Peter's loved ones are distracting him. To prove this, they follow Simone who kisses Isaac. Claire meets Meredith in person. Isaac contacts Bennet, whom he had previously met, to tell him about a painting that he had finished that shows Peter becoming invisible. Meredith informs Claire's biological father—Nathan—that Claire is alive.

Her first job is to kill a man who has employed Parkman as his bodyguard after he is dismissed from the police force who stole money from Linderman. Jessica is successful and is told her next target: Mohinder unknowingly allows Sylar, who is now impersonating Zane Taylor , to join him on his quest to find those with superpowers.

Bennet and the Haitian pursue Peter and leave a gun with Isaac. Claude leaves Peter because he does not want to become involved with Bennet again. Ted and Parkman agree to go get answers from Bennet. Peter confronts Isaac about his betrayal and Simone is accidentally shot and killed. Matt and Ted take the Bennet family hostage. Ted loses control of his powers and burns the Bennets' house.

In flashbacks, Bennet is given Claire on the condition that he return her to the Company that he works for that includes Hiro's father Kaito if her powers manifest. Bennet explains this as the reason why he is so protective of Claire.

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Bennet orders the Haitian to escape with Claire. Claire and the Haitian go to the house of Nathan and Peter's mother, Angela who is also Claire's grandmother. Hiro steals the sword that he has been seeking. Ando come back to assist Hiro.

https://porttaleantoa.tk Hiro successfully gains back his teleporting power and immediately transports himself and Ando to the future. Isaac paints pictures of himself with his head cut open after being killed by Sylar. Sylar attacks Mohinder and Peter. Bennet is deceived by Candice Wilmer , who works for the Company and has the ability to change her appearance.

Nathan confronts Linderman, who promises Nathan that he will win the upcoming election for congress and will be living in the White House in a few years. Linderman reveals that his plan for Nathan includes Peter exploding. Peter and Suresh escape from Sylar, but Peter is killed. Mohinder takes him to the Petrelli's house where Claire now is and she ends up reviving Peter. Claire meets her biological father, Nathan, for the first time.

Suresh joins the Company. Sylar kills Isaac and paints a picture of himself in which he is the President. Candice morphs into Niki and takes Micah to Linderman. Hiro and Ando, in New York 5 years in the future, go to Isaac's house and eventually meet another Hiro. Hiro and Ando find themselves five years after the destruction of New York. People with extraordinary abilities are labeled as terrorists and Sylar, who has assumed the form of Nathan, is the President.

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Hiro and Ando eventually return to the present with the help of future Peter and Hiro finds out that he must kill Sylar to prevent the potential future that they had just visited from happening. Mohinder is introduced to Molly, who can normally locate any individual, but she has the Shanti Virus that killed Mohinder's sister many years before. Mohinder uses his own blood to cure Molly. Hiro and Ando follow Sylar to Sylar's mother's house, where Sylar accidentally kills his own mother.

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