Libra dating taurus man

This couple shares Venus as a ruling planet. This relationship is either tranquil and loving, or outrageous and crazy! When Taurus and Libra make a connection, they have a joint focus on everything beautiful!

They want the best things in life, and a posh existence together is the dream this duo shares. A home with a loving and comfortable environment serves as the sacred temple for this love match. Family and friends are important to both partners as well. They share a similar value system. Taurus enjoys harmony and Libra demands balance. When encountering Taurus and Libra, others sense the compassionate nature of the relationship. Libra is social, open, and friendly. Taurus is amiable, sensual, and stable. On the surface, the relationship seems too good to be true.

They must concentrate on the strengths of each partner, to make things work. Despite communication difficulties, Taurus and Libra can find happiness together. Taurus is appreciative of the natural world. Libra is appreciative of beauty in art, music, and whatever create harmonious vibes.

Taurus man and Libra woman

The Taurus and Libra connection can result in a wonderful family life. Both personalities make excellent parents. Taurus is a steadfast, loyal, and stable spouse who helps secure a good home.

Libra is a fair and friendly parent. They ensure the children pick up excellent social skills. With family, both Taurus and Libra personalities cherish immediate and extended family.

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Tradition is important for both personalities. Although, Libra is more flexible about what traditions the couple embrace.

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Friends are also important to this couple. Though companions are more important for Libra who seeks approval through social connections. When it comes to love, Taurus wants a gentle, tender, and devoted lover. Libra is always seeking balance, so they want a lover who is serious and responsible. With activities, the personalities in the Taurus and Libra relationship share interests. Art shows, the museum, and visits to local galleries are on the list.

Taurus might have to convince Libra to partake of some outdoor activities. But, when successful, this couple enjoys hikes and camping. Mall walking and window shopping while taking in visual pleasures is another pastime. Taurus and Libra need to start out a relationship at a slow and steady pace.

Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Friendship is a prerequisite before these two can start taking things seriously. Both parties might prefer the fairy tale love affair. But a realistic approach to love is necessary. If these personalities leap into love too quick, the love fades and fizzles fast. Taurus needs to feel secure in a loving relationship.

Anything threat that sense security is equal to waving a red flag at the jealousy-prone bull! This is where things get difficult in the Taurus and Libra match.

Taurus man Libra female compatibility

Usually-patient-Taurus loses patience quick when it seems Libra is drifting away. A bit too amazing. When it comes to the opinion of the Taurean partner, Libra needs to chill out! As Libra chit chats with anyone and everyone, the bull sits back wanting way more attention! Libras can be on the flirty side too, and this makes things way worse. Things grow even more difficult if Libra lacks confidence and engages approval-seeking antics. One to many coy smiles can destroy the trust in the relationship.

With trust a pillar for relationship survival, mistrust threatens Taurus and Libra compatibility.

Libra Woman

The intense connection occurs in and out of the bedroom. Both parties in this pair make an instant friendship while dating. Even if the love connection never happens, this duo forms an inseparable friendship. Sharing a sense for all things beautiful, Taurus and Libra stage an exquisite bedroom set up. Beyond sensual touch, this duo enjoys satin sheets, fluffy throws, and body pillows. Taurus will call for Egyptian musk incense; it helps set a romantic and lusty atmosphere.

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Taurus and Libra Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

Mood lighting and a few candles set the stage for physical encounters. Taurus is creature who loves music. Libra appreciates the harmonious vibes music creates. As Taurus is a creature who enjoys sensual touch, Libra strikes a balance by being visual. This couple can have an exceptional sex life.

But, they must keep the waves of communication open and flowing! Communicating needs and desires helps to keep the connection between intense. Libra is more willing to try new things in the bedroom. Communication is the key that helps Libra tilt the scales in their favor. Being able to talk with one another is vital to the health of the Taurus and Libra relationship. Taurus and Libra might have difficulty in the communication department. Both personalities have the ability to speak with eloquence. Taurus and Libra are intelligent. Taurus is stable and predictable, but Libra is the opposite.

This is where they diverge in the communication realm. Steady Taurus is opinionated. The opinions Taurus develops are fixed: Libra is more flexible and can bounce back and forth with their opinions on a matter. Libra is so fickle it can drive Taurus nuts! Libra will state one opinion, then another. If they want theirs to be a long-lasting relationship, they must learn to accept that their views of the world are different in tone and focus.