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Makes a big difference when it's up on your shoulders hiking through the woods. Buying an old canoe Old Town Guide 18' I will agree with others that if your sole interst is to get out on the water for cheap money, you can do better. They are not as fragile as people think, and are still very useful. True, they can't be overtly abused and be expected to hold up well. I must politely disagree with Bondo and his statement "Standard practice to to strip the canvas off, 'n cover it with fiberglass". Yes, this is the standard way to ruin a good canoe and ruin it's value.

Canvasing is not that difficult, and 40 years does not automatically mean re-canvasing I have three canvas on frame kayaks much more delicate , and one is still fine with it's 40 year old original cotton canvas. Oh yes, and if it is an Old Town there is no "date plate".

Old Town Canoe ID & Dating please...

The serial number will be stamped on the inside of each stem down on the flat near end on the bottom. Last edited by Ned L ; February 26th, , Originally posted by Ned L View Post. I will agree with others that if your sole interst is to get out on the water for cheap money, you can do better. Hey guys, I have more to say, but I have to wear the grad student hat tonight. For the record, one I can actually answer, apparently it HAS been fiberglassed. Again, I'll be seeing it and taking pictures for you all - sorry, let me try my Southern here - y'all this saturday and getting a price.

Even if not for getting directly into portage then? Would getting one of those colemans or something be acceptable, or how should I get started in canoeing? Thanks for all the kind words and greetings, I've never taken an interest in watercraft or boating till late, now I can feel the ache in my blood. A good second hand one I would suggest renting one first, and getting some experience before you buy.

Head to an outfitter, for a course or a weekend, and take some canoeing lessons. Do a google search for "canoeing lessons virginia", and see what comes up. You might start with the American Canoeing Association. In general, guides and outfitters are happy to put you in touch with anyone they know who has a second hand canoe for sale. In addition, they often sell off their older stock. Keep an out out for canoeing conventions and sales. Your university probably has a canoeing club February 27th, , Buying an old canoe Old Town Guide 18' Yah, I'm with these guys, rent for a while and take a class or two before you jump into buying one.

Of course unless you can find one for a couple hundred bux just to get rolling. Canoes come in such a huge variety that what kind of paddling you are into will dictate what kind of canoe to buy. When you are ready, craigslist is a good route. When I sold off my whole fleet of canoes and kayaks I used paddling.

And yup, a class is a great move. The canoe class I took way back my freshman year in college Buying an old canoe Old Town Guide 18' This might interest you Vintage Old Town Canoe. Originally posted by Woodonglass View Post.

Old Town Canoe Company

This might interest you February 28th, , Buying an old canoe Old Town Guide 18' Bah, no apologies necessary! Rebuilding an ancient canvas canoe would be a great project. But for sure something like that takes some pretty serious skill along with a well stocked carpenters shop, a whole bunch of time and a small pile of cash.

Now, learning to canoe? Find a partner and go for it! If I can give a canoe, paddles and PFD's to two 10 year olds and within 5 minutes they are having a blast, anybody can.

Old Town Origins

The company found itself scrambling for workers and materials with the arrival of World War II. This led Old Town to conduct its own logging operations until The plant was unionized during the war.

The postwar years saw several different models introduced to encourage a newly affluent society to get out on the water. There was an emphasis on speed, noted Audette, with more powerful outboard motors available. Old Town's all-wood motorboats were among its strongest sellers in the s and s. Sam Gray died in By then his sons Braley and Deane were at the helm.

Technological advances extended to the industry. Grumman Corporation, a maker of aluminum-hulled warplanes, began making metal canoes by the thousands. Old Town saw production crash to a mere canoes a year in the early s, noted Audette, when Grumman was making almost ten times as many. Old Town eschewed the use of plywood, unlike some of its competitors, but began working with fiberglass in the mids after acquiring the talents of pioneering designer Walter King, who helped develop the company's first large motorboat, the foot Atlantis.

Fiberglass and other new materials helped Old Town regain its lead against aluminum craft. The company's vessels have made man extraordinary voyages. One enterprising sailor crossed the Atlantic in a Another new material, Royalex a brand of ABS plastic was added in the s when Old Town designer Lew Gilman developed new methods for producing molds with it. Old Town had introduced its first kayak in , but interest in whitewater sports did not explode until the s.

Old Town was then selling 5, canoes a year—a healthy number, but one-quarter of the production of Coleman, which dominated the low-end market. Sam Johnson of S.

Johnson Wax fame had been building a portfolio of outdoor-related companies. The substantial corporate backing allowed the company to modernize its back office functions, marketing, and production methods. At the same time, there remained a place for traditional wood-and-canvas canoe construction. Old Town began distributing Lettmann and Prijon kayaks in , and for a few years stopped selling kayaks under its own brand.

Old Town's Discovery line of canoes was introduced in These employed a three-layer polyethylene hull developed by Lew Gilman. The strong, affordable, lightweight canoes were popular enough to return Old Town to profitability for the first time in ten years, noted Audette.

Old Town became the world's largest producer of canoes as aluminum canoes fell out of favor. According to Rhode Island's Providence Journal, Old Town had more production space , square feet than all other canoe makers in the United States combined. At this time, Old Town was also selling kits, complete with wood, for buyers to construct at home. Formed in , White predated Old Town by ten years and had been a training ground for some of its top talent.

In , the Wall Street Journal reported Old Town was peddling more than 22, canoes a year, accounting for one-quarter of industry sales. Grayling, Michigan's Carlisle Paddles Inc. : Old Town Loon Recreational Kayak, Red, 11 Feet 1 Inches : Sports & Outdoors

In today's technology-crazed, disposable world, the hallmarks of Old Town Canoe Co. The world's largest and oldest manufacturer of canoes and kayaks, Old Town successfully blends the performance of modern materials and design with the time-honored look and feel of traditional paddle craft.

Old Town bought the company in With the canoe market flat, in , Old Town again began selling its own brand of kayaks. By they accounted for 40 percent of sales. Old Town was distributed through outlets worldwide, most of them specialty stores. Bean catalog was among its largest retailers.

Canada, Japan, and Germany were top markets. Other acquisitions in the late s extended Old Town's product line further. These included Leisure Life, Ltd. Old Town Canoe celebrated its th anniversary in Some of its earliest wood canoes were still in service. The company had become one of Old Town's leading tourist attractions. Its , square foot factory was a focal point of the city's riverfront redevelopment. Old Town's canoe business had outlasted several other once-prominent local industries: The company bought New Zealand's Pacific Kayaks around Old Town continued to work to meet the booming demand for kayaks at its home plant.

It soon began making them out of fiberglass for weight savings. Together, they offered an array of choices for different types of paddlers: For , it introduced a new production model of its Charles River canoe using modern materials. By this time, the market for kayaks had peaked, reported the Portland Press Herald.

Growing European sales, though a small portion of the total, prompted Johnson Outdoors to open a distribution center in France. There were plans to eventually move production into a modern manufacturing plant in the United States.

Identifying Old Town Canoe by serial

The Magazine of Business, January , pp. Old Town Origins Old Town, Maine, was known for its watercraft even before loggers plied the Penobscot River with their wooden bateaux in the s. New Materials After World War II The postwar years saw several different models introduced to encourage a newly affluent society to get out on the water.