Is it illegal to create a fake dating profile

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No, it is not illegal. Too many people do it and it is too hard to keep track of Even if you use your real name and picture. It is not illegal though.

Crime #1: Violation of Facebook Terms

That is if your picture is not you, and your name is different, then you decide to meet up with someone that you spoke to on this dating profile, then you could be sued by the person you met up with. Chances are though, if the person did take you to court, very slim.

For finding someone with a fake profile is very common, and also to be a caution that most generally "accepted" dating sights warn about. Even if it is used to deceive a person or group of person for unlawful purposes, you would not get charged with creating a fake profile.

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  • Typically the law is all inclusive so it does not matter by which means you use to deceive its the result of any unlawful acts you get charged with. Fake Profile on a Dating Website You would be subject to copyright violations of the images and any penalties for breach of contract to the site.

    Fake Facebook Profiles: Are They Legal? Can I Get in Trouble? | TurboFuture

    Further, if the images you recieve involve certain elements, like minors, you can be in serious Federal trouble. Join Date Sep Posts 18, Fake Profile on a Dating Website Fake identity in its own right is not illegal YET though some idiotic congress critters have pushed for it nor not likely civilly actionable in it's own right.


    Now if you violate child protection laws, copyright on the photos, or defame the person you're pretending to be, you can certainly be exposed to civil liability. Fake Profile on a Dating Website And also the reason you want to do this might turn it into a crime. If you've discovered your spouse or partner has a dating website profile, you may want to create a fake profile, contact him and see if he pursues you.

    This could help you catch him in the act. You may also want to create a fake dating profile if you do not want your friends, family or even your spouse to know you're looking for a date.

    Is it illegal to create a fake dating profile?

    Create a fake email address to use with your fake dating website account. Use a free webmail service such as Yahoo Mail or Gmail. Sign up using the pen name you want to use for your dating profile. Choose the dating website you want to create a profile on. There are a number of dating websites. Some are free and some require paid memberships. Some of the common paid sites are Match, eHarmony and Chemistry.

    Fake Facebook Profiles: Are They Legal? Can I Get in Trouble?

    Visit the dating website of your choice. Click the "Register" or "Sign Up" link and begin setting up your account. Enter your fake email address and password.

    go site You may need to check your email to obtain a confirmation number, or to click a verification link.